We created an entirely new experience for millennial motorsports fans, giving them control like never before, and forever changed the way motorsports are viewed.



  • Proprietary Hardware

  • App Design

  • Project Management

  • Pre-Production

  • Post Production


  • Finwe Ltd.

  • Menges Design

This project was the first of its kind, resulting in award-winning videos, a highly successful mobile app, and a long-term collaboration.

We created a revolutionary motorsports viewing platform, and have been delivering world class 360º video content to Subaru’s loyal fans since 2014. If there was ever a time to push limits, the beginning of our journey with Subaru was meant to be.

We set out to provide the video game generation a similar experience while watching video; full control over how they interact with live motorsports competitions, crashes, and stunts, and the ability to play back these moments from every angle. With 360º video content delivered through a head-mounted display, users can take an unbelievably immersive virtual ride alongside action-sports stars like Bucky Lasek and Travis Pastrana at stage rallies and events from all over the U.S.

Along with valued partners Finwe and Menges Design, we led the development of the Subaru Motorsports app, serving as a content hub for Subaru of America's motorsports department, and the world’s first mobile 360º video viewing app for motorsports. “It’s a game-changer in motorsports media,” says Rob Weir, Subaru Motorsports Marketing Manager. “And we’re excited to be leading the way.”



When the project kicked off in early 2014, 360º video was little-known technology on the brink of existence. Creating a high-quality video experience with consumer-grade
capture equipment in one of the harshest shooting environments, during live competitions with no ability for a retake, was only one of the difficulties.

Providing the highest bitrate and image resolution in our video files presented a unique challenge. The videos needed to stream quickly, with minimal buffering, on 2G/3G connections, and work reliably across endless mobile devices.

Customizing every ounce of existing technology and developing proprietary Ubivue tech and equipment and workflows was essential to creating and delivering captivating content to end-users.



With highly modified Go-Pros, and proprietary Ubivue-designed camera mounts and post-production techniques, we were able to generate exceptional 360º video despite the extreme heat, dust, moisture, and vibration found in the racing environment. Thanks to the innovations in our hardware and software, our 360º videos and content delivery experience were years ahead of their time.



Users loved (and still do!) the Subaru Motorsports app, YouTube viewers love the videos, and we love providing experiences that people love. App users open the app an average of nine times per month, enjoying one of the highest-rated motorsports app available since 2014.

Thanks to our unrelenting dedication to quality content and  360º video end-user experience, our videos were included in the launch of Hulu’s virtual reality app. We’ve been graciously recognized with numerous industry awards, and editorial features by Gizmodo, Mashable, and CNET.