Children’s Hospital

Children’s Hospital


Providing kids undergoing chemotherapy treatment with exclusive curated 360º video experiences, to permit them to explore and learn,  regardless of physical limitations.



  • Pre-Production
  • Video Capture
  • Post-Production
  • Project Management


  • Fingerpaint Media

Transforming young patients back into kids

Partnering with a children’s hospital and Fingerpaint Media, our mission was to alleviate the discomfort of children of all ages undergoing chemotherapy treatment – transporting them from the hospital into a world of wonder via a catalog of original virtual reality experiences. These videos would allow kids to delve into their favorite interests utilizing mobile VR headsets - from behind-the-scenes access at the zoo or local sports venue, to exclusive interactions with celebrities – temporarily allowing them to escape from their physical reality during their treatments.

Allowing kids to wander and explore.


Kids undergoing chemotherapy treatment are especially prone to nausea, so it was essential to create a fully immersive experience that did not induce feelings of discomfort. 



We crafted completely custom-made 360º spherical video capture hardware to fully immerse our young viewers, while simultaneously maximizing our video quality and minimizing post-production time to allow for the creation for as many options for our audience to experience.



Sadly this worthwhile proof of concept is still seeking funding. We anticipate project updates soon.