World-Class Spherical Video Production

Ubivue creates award-winning live-action 360º video content for global brands, creative agencies, and even the US defense industry. Users can view our videos on mobile devices, social media networks, Apple TV, Hulu, domes, virtual reality systems – and whatever platform comes next.

Utilizing our proprietary patent-pending hardware, as well as other custom solutions devised in partnership with our international network of MacGyvers, we produce video experiences audiences have never seen before – and won’t soon forget.

See The World Through Our Lenses

Since our inception in 2013, we’ve captured countless hours of 4K+ panoramic video from all across North America. We can livestream 360-degree video and 3D spatial audio or capture it so you can blow minds whenever and wherever you want.


In early 2014, Subaru of America asked Ubivue to begin capturing 360-degree video of their motorsports team racing in some of the most action-packed events around the world. And to deliver it in a custom mobile app for Android and iOS. The result: immersive video experiences that place users inside (or on!) the car with complete control of their view.
Audiences have never been this close to the racing action.

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Video With A Purpose

Spherical video is an obvious choice when creating next-gen entertainment and marketing content to engage an audience; our live-action 360º videos provide unprecedented control to audiences immersed in previously impossible scenarios, yet Ubivue envisions more.

What if the Zapruder film had been recorded in 360º?

Would an unbiased story have been reported if 360º cameras had been broadcasting in Ferguson, MO?

Could livestreaming 360º video from world hotspots spark change to social injustices?

Can immersive 360º video help alleviate the suffering of chronically ill children?